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Staff Development

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Professional Development Overview


The target audience will be ELA teachers learning how to create a Web 2.0 tool presentation—Prezi—to engage and motivate students. Based on the campus survey results, teachers’ presentation skills experience exceeds other types of software. Thus, Prezi will enhance those skills and move teachers to a higher technological level. The purpose of providing effective and meaningful staff development is to have teachers utilize and implement technology in their classrooms. By acquiring higher technological skills, teachers can transfer those skills to their students. Students can learn to collaborate with other students as each member of the group contributes skills, knowledge, ideas that will enable the group to foster an enriched learning community and experience. Thus, integrating technologies support collaborative learning environments and support learning diverse needs.


During one of the CLPAC meetings, campus professional development was addressed to the principal. A recommendation address was half day campus professional developments during district professional development. The principal will voice this recommendation the district principals’ meeting (April 11, 2012). I will meet with the principal on Thursday (April 13th) to discuss further professional development times. Possible times will include: Saturdays, afterschool, and during team planning and summer campus trainings. Another issue to address with the principal will be to discuss incentives/perks to increase teachers’ participation.



In the other course a survey was created to acquire feedback on the needs of the campus. Thus, this instrument will be a starting point to carefully map out a plan. In order to develop trainings based on their needs of the campuses and teacher request, it becomes crucial to have teachers’ input on the type of professional development needed.



Based on the survey results, majority of teachers prefer face-to-face interaction in small groups. However, teachers will also like self-taught videos where they can learn at their pace and as resources will be created. Therefore, the plan will include both face-to-face interaction and online training. Due to a significant number of MTTs on campus, a pair of MTTs will target content areas while also targeting Elective teachers. I will partner with another MTT to target ELA content teachers. Thus, focus trainings will target ELA content; however, I will be available to any another teacher needing assistance.



In this stage teachers’ skills will create a Prezi that is and how confident the teacher feels about the software. Checking for participation and understanding throughout the training will provide feedback on the quality of the professional learning opportunity. Furthermore, immediate support when questions or technical shortcomings arise will be key to ensure teachers become successful during the professional development.


Technology Professional Development Plan Activity


  • Support ELA teachers in exploring innovative technologies and provide student centered technology use. 
  • Provide adequate, meaningful and timely professional trainings to ensure student diverse learning needs are met.


Professional Development Activities:

  • Professional trainings will be conducted during teacher common planning period. 
  • Professional trainings will be conducted afterschool and possibly on Saturdays. 
  • Professional trainings will be conducted during ½ day district staff development days. 

For the mentioned activity mentioned above—Prezi—this Web 2.0 will be introduced during campus professional development and will be continuous throughout until teachers feel comfortable using the tool.


Type of Activities:

  • Conduct staff development in computer lab to provide hands-on activities  
  • Introduce Web 2.0 tools (Prezi)  



  • Provide MTTs a pay incentive  
  • Provide teachers CPE hours or time equivalency  


Evaluation and Review:

  • Teachers evaluate the effectiveness of the activity and offer suggestions for improvement on a Survey at the end of the training. 
  • Teachers will continue to evaluating and reviewing new technology during implementation. 


Continuous Support:

  • Training materials and videos provided in the school library resource section
  • Teachers are welcome to make contact via e-mail for further support.
  • Provide additional professional trainings as needed on the topic as well as tutorials.

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