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Copyright and intellectual property

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Copyright News

AP Solis Middle School

Licensing & Software Piracy


  • Intellectual property is protected by 
    • Trademark-name, symbol or logo
    • Service Mark-identify to distinguish services provided by the owner
    • Patent  


Fair Use

  • Guidelines to use someone else's work with reasonable use without asking for permission
    • The purpose or nature of the use: whether for profit or nonprofit
    • The kind of copyrighted work
    • The amount/portion of the copyrighted work used
    • Whether the use will deprieve monetary value to the owner.


  • Protects the owner's rights to their creation
  • Portection includes the life of the owner plus 70 years after the owner's death.
  • Companies and


  • Using someone else's work as your own
  • copying and pasting and submitting work as your own

Web/Wiki Publishing 

  • Always assume copyright protection on online pages are protected by copyright.



Public Domain

  • Works that do not require permission or a fee to use
    • works enter the public domain if the creator donates the work
    • Copyright has expired
    • Works published in the US befor 1923
    • Works from 1923 through 1963 without copyright renewal
    • Works without a copyright notice from 1923 through 1977 

District Copyright Law Policies






Useful Links:


For Students:


Copyright Basics
  • Helful website to provide students basic copyright and intellectual property laws . 
Copyright Games
  • Great way students can learn about copyright laws 


For Educators 

  Copyright Laws Office


Fair Use  Copyright Lesson Plans and Activities    





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