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EDTC6343_63 Master Teacher Tech

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Master Teacher Tech Practicum 


Week 1    Quiz on Blackboard   
Week 2


Concept Map Done together in collaborate



Case 1: Mr. Haddad 

PPT Concept Map.png

Case 1 

Week 3 


Practice PPT: Mrs. Hernandez 

Branches of Government 

Week 4 

2/ 12/12

Case B: 

Mr. Gonzalez Blackboard


Practice Excel: Labor Cost 

Labor Cost 

wk4-5    Work Weeks  Work Log 
Week 7  3/4/12  Competency1 L-M Presentation/game 

Competency Presentation 

Week 8  3/11/12 

Case Study C

Miss Martinez  


Practice Excel: Weight of object 

Description of Skills App A - Weight 

  3/3/12 Practice PPT: Four Stages of Butterfly life Butterfly Stages
Week 9    Grant Application 

Grant AppNEA:cybergrants

Esther Sauceda,

Thank you for registering with AP Solis Middle School.
Your registration information is provided below. Please remember to
keep this information in a safe place. If you have any technical
questions, feel free to contact us by replying to this email


Dear AP Solis Middle School,

Your application for Gateway to STEM has been submitted successfully. We at The NEA  Foundation appreciate your interest in our programs.  Our staff will review your proposal with care, and you can expect to hear from us shortly.

We will contact you if additional information is needed to complete your request.

For more information about our presence in the community, please visit http://neafoundation.org/grants.htm.

We look forward to reading your proposal and learning more about the worthwhile work
in which your organization is engaged.


Week 10  3/29/12  PPT C: Mr. Swartz Four Stages of Cell Mitosis 
Week 10  3/28/12  Excel C: Inflation  Inflation Practice Problem
  3/26-4/1  Work week Work Log 
  4/2-8  Work Week  Work Log 
Week 12    Case D   
Week 10-14  4/1-  Professional Development 

Part 1


Part 2: Peer Review


Part 3 


word doc

  4/9-15  Work Week   

3/28/12 Favorite classroomTechnology



3/28/12 Web 2.0 Guru - Tools By Subject 



3/2/12 Professional development and administrator support



2/20/12 How has becoming an MTT change you?



2/20/12 Web 2.0 tools



12/30/12 What are the stages of process?http://groups.diigo.com/group/edtc6343



4/30/12 Response To Dr. Butlers Question



4/29 Don't Pay for Technology: 25 Freebies for Students




4/17/12 How much do you let your students use technology in the classroom?



4/13/12  Technology In Your Classroom



4/3/12 The Near Future



4/2/12 Time for Technology?



4/2/12 School Online Resources





Week 12    Excel D : Profit  Mr. Kahn  
    PPT D: Clouds  Types of Clouds 
    Excel E: Freight  Freight Costs 




Esther's ePortfolio Courses Taken Matrix Reflection Letter



















Esther's ePortfolio       Instructional Technology classes     Matrix      Reflection Letter  

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